Thursday morning a NBC Ohio affiliate,released a video of Ohio State's starting quarterback JT Barrett, being arrested for driving while under the influence.

Barrett was cited for driving a vehicle while intoxicated early on Halloween morning. He was suspended for the Buckeyes’ game against Minnesota last week, but is set to resume his role as the starter.

In the video you see Barrett, pull in somewhere then do a U-turn. After the cop pulls him over he has Barrett do a field sobriety test, which he does with ease. Following that the officer is heard tell Barrett. that he's under arrest. Barrett, handled the situation the best anyone could, and the officer acknowledges it . While handcuffing Barrett, the officer says, “You've been very polite with me, you've been very cooperative.” Barrett was fined $400 and his license was suspended for 180 days after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor OVI charge.

Kids make stupid decisions, let chalk it up to that, and hope he learns from it.

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