First it was Gerrit Cole, and now, Corey Kluber's name is being dragged through the mud.

Well, mud and pine tar, that is.

If the name Brian "Bubba" Harkins doesn't ring a bell, don't worry, it probably shouldn't. Only the most hardcore baseball fans will remember Harkins, an employee with the Los Angeles Angels, who was let go from the club for concocting and distributing sticky substances to Major League pitchers. "Bubba" was dismissed by the club last year, and revealed ties to Gerrit Cole upon his firing.

Now, another Yankee is part of a duo of names that the disgraced former Angel revealed to Sports Illustrated.

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This time, Corey Kluber is in the crosshairs of Major League Baseball and the media. Kluber was mentioned along with Max Scherzer as two pitchers whom Bubba would send "sticky stuff" to during the season.

When you look at Kluber's numbers, you'd have to assume the packages were arriving sometime between 2014 and 2018. This isn't meant to take anything away from what Kluber accomplished, as he was about as good as a pitcher can get during that time. He won two Cy Young Awards during that five season span, and had three seasons with an ERA below three. Odds are, Kluber would've been a dominant force with our without aid.

The sad thing is, this reveal from Harkins tarnishes the legacy of two fantastic pitchers during the 2010's, and casts a shadow over what will still be a welcome return to the rotation when Kluber gets healthy with the Bombers. He currently sports a 3.04 ERA in 10 starts, and threw a no-hitter just over a month ago. I, for one, can't WAIT for Twitter to blow up when his spin rate magically drops when he returns from the injured list.


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