The Cubs may have been swept in the NLCS by the Mets, but the Cubs organization was very classy in defeat.

Reports indicate that the Cubs gave David Wright the third base from Wrigley Field after the Mets clinched the pennant.

That's a great gesture in defeat by the Cubs. David Wright is the captain of the Mets and is going to his first World Series. He's been the face of all Met teams, good and bad, since he entered the league. He's battled a slew of injuries, including a career-threatening one earlier this year, and I'm sure that the Cubs respect his work ethic and commitment.

Furthermore, David Wright is respected around the game for his toughness and the way he plays the game.

This isn't the Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter treatment, but it's a nice gesture for a New York icon.

The World Series begins on Tuesday night. The Mets will play either the Royals or the Blue Jays.