The New York Giants have taken a lot of heat over drafting Duke QB Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick in the NFL Draft but maybe we're all starting to see why they took the risk. Jones has been pretty impressive so far for the Giants. It's still super early and my money is on Eli Manning starting at Quarterback for the Giants this season but this video shows Jones' athletic ability and some really nice passes as well.

Daniel Jones' ability and willingness to tuck the ball away and run is pretty new to the Giants and if you watch the video the Giants Tweeted out you can hear the rest of the team get excited. Eli has never been super mobile so this is a new wrinkle to what the Giants' offense cane do. There's still a lot of training camp and practices between now and the season and Jones is far from being ready but this is fun to watch. Fans of Big Blue I think it's ok to be cautiously optimistic. Sounds like Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard is “Oh man, he pulled that thing and kicked the knees up, He looked good. I knew we were going to get the defense on that. Yeah, he looked great running.’’

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