Anyone that listens to DCR - DiPietro, Canty and Rothenberg weekday mornings 8:55 am to 10 am right here on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio you know there isn't a bigger sports fan or should I say New York Sports fan than Dave Rothenberg. Rothy joined Levack and Goz to catch up, Talk about the shows new schedule and of course cover all the latest New York Sports news.

It's no secret that Rothenberg is a New York Mets' fan and when asked about what worries him about his team the list was not short. Luckily like many other fans of the Mets he can hang his hat on the Ace, Jacob deGrom. deGrom returns to the mound tonight. Dave Rothenberg's list of concerns about the New York Yankees is far shorter but he did echo the sentiment that here's nothing to brag about when the Yankees beat up on the Boston Red Sox.

I was wrong. Listen below to hear all of Dave Rothenberg's thoughts about the Knicks as well as a few subtle shots at Bills fans

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