David Ortiz was less than thrilled with a strike call on a 3-0 pitch during his seventh inning at-bat in last night's game between the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles. The pitch looked high, but was ruled a strike. Later in the at-bat, Ortiz struck out swinging, visibly distracted by the bad call. He decided to argue with home plate umpire Tim Timmons, got ejected, then absolutely lost his marbles.

In Ortiz' defense, the pitch was totally a ball. And the only reason it was called otherwise was the fact that Ortiz walked away from the batter's box before the pitch crossed the plate, because God forbid someone "show up" an umpire by walking away from a terrible pitch. But, alas, what happened happened, and Ortiz should have shown more composure than that.

The best part of this whole incident is the fact that the Sox were leading 7-2 at the time. It's not as if this were a one run game and they desperately were in need of an insurance run. It would have taken an epic meltdown for the Sox to give this one up, so why freak out over one strike?

I would say that Ortiz should have just focused on playing defense in the next half inning, but we all know he isn't a true baseball player and can't play in the field, so nevermind.

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