ESPN's Dick Vitale compared Kobe Bryant to the best ever in the game, with "Armen and Levack". 

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors
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"He’s certainly in the conversation with a lot of people when you talk about some of the all-time greats," said Vitale. "Is he the greatest of all-time? I don’t put him there because look at Michael Jordan, eventually Lebron, Magic, Larry Bird, but right after that, you could make some arguments. He’s a guy you can battle and talk about being in the top ten."

On Sunday, Bryant announced on The Players Tribune that this season would be his last.

"I thanked him on Twitter for all the great memories and the incredible magical moments that he provided. He goes down as one of the greatest Lakers of all time. He’s an incredible scorer and what a career he’s had. He was absolutely brilliant for so many years. He’s a fierce competitior.

"It’s sad, in a way, to watch him perform right now because he’s no way, shape or form of what he was. I think he made the right decision and I really wish him nothing but the best in his future."

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