As a true freshman out of Melbourne, Australia, first-year player Ben Simmons of LSU had been compared to Lebron James.

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So, what do we think so far?

"There’s only one Lebron James," said ESPN's Dick Vitale, on 104.5 The Team with "Armen and Levack".

"I think we have to wait before we start comparing him to Lebron James. Is he going to be a dominant player? Absolutely. He’s got great body, size, strength, he can rebound. He had 21 and 20 in one game this year."

The 6-foot-10, 230-pound prospect has been complemented for his dribbling, passing and stellar defense. Through five games this year, Simmons is averaging 16 points and 14 rebounds per game.

"If there’s one area that he’s really got to work on, he’s too unselfish, he really is. He’s got to shoot the ball more, dunk the ball more, and not be afraid to take games over. He’s that talented."

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