Each Monday at 4:00 pm Levack and Goz recap the stories in a  segment called Monday Mirages. What was real and what was just an illusion from this past weekend in sports? What has staying power and what is not going to last past this week? This week, Levack returned from his vacation and the show broadcasted live from the Captial Center for the 2019 MAAC and Cheese Fest.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers make a mistake trading Antonio Brown? Will Le'Veon Bell be the next to follow? Is James Dolan the biggest problem with the New York Knicks franchise? Would you consider the Siena and UAlbany Great Danes men's basketball seasons successful? Plus is the Game of Thrones deserving of the hype? Is Captain Marvel worth seeing? Is Leaving Neverland on HBO worth watching? If you missed this week's version, check back later this week for the audio link below.

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