Levack and Goz bring back one of the show's most popular segments, Socially Awkward Media.  The segment spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms. Did you make this week's list? Let us know your thoughts on this week's edition.

William-One of the reason the Knicks are such a mess is Melo-drama. No one else wanted to come to the Knicks because he's a cancer. Let's move forward and try and forget he was ever on the team.

Geo-Then they came make a run at the playoffs this year

Herbert-Hope not..he's already overpaid for the production he has provided for the last few years..think he is a brat!

Heath-Good place for the head case, fit right in 😂😂....Anywhere but Boston really.

Nicholas-Albany tied into getting about 6 inches of snow, since when is this big snowfall? I am only 32 and remember 12 inches being nothing and no cancellations or anything, comical really.

Dan-Gotta say...AAF games are fun to watch! Might Catch on! Good timing too!

Randy-I watched Demolition Man and ate 700 meatballs.

Vadeaur-if I win the worst call do I get to make a speech

Jason-Thanks for the Wendy’s hookup!

Levack vs Allan Marble-

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