When it comes to baseball there are many sacred numbers. The 3000 hit club, 500 Home Run club, 300 win club and just about any number known for your favorite player make the cut. Thanks to Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius' awesome performance last night, I think we need to add the number 8 to the list.

In a league that's been around since 1869, no team has ever achieved what Didi and the Yankees did yesterday. In nearly 150 years no team has had a player at all eight batting positions hit at least eight RBI's in a game. That is until Didi finished off that task yesterday for the Bronx Bombers.

The Following Yankees have hit at least 8 RBI's in a single game:

Catcher: Yogi Berra (1957); Elston Howard (1962)

First Base: Lou Gehrig 3x: (2x in 1930 &1932)

Second Base: Tony Lazzeri (1936)

Third Base: Alex Rodriguez (2005)

Shortstop: Didi Gregorius (LAST NIGHT 2018)

Left Field: George Selkirk (1938)

Center Field: Joe DiMaggio 2x(1939 & 1940); Berni Williams (1996)

Right Field: Paul O'Niel (1995); Danny Tartabull (1992); George Selkirk (1935)

It amazes me that in a league 149 years old you can still do things that were never done before! Didi just punched the New York Yankees ticket into the 8 by 8 club. One more stat to back up the fact the New York Yankees are the greatest franchise in MLB history.



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