A few weeks back I voiced my opinion to Buster Olney that I believed Didi Gregorius was the most talented current New York Yankee. I realized it was a bold statement but thought my argument had some merit. Buster basically laughed at me.

Here we are a few weeks later and first off Aaron Judge is the best current Yankee BUT does Buster think maybe just maybe he unfairly judged Levack's Didi take? We all know that Buster is a true and honest man so there's no way he'll let his pride get in the way of the truth so listen to hear those beautiful words I've been waiting to hear. "Levack you were right about how good Didi is!" Did I get my sweet victory? listen to find out. We all know Sir Didi has been on a tear but can this hot streak be explained away or does it look like a sign of things to come?

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