Coming into Thursday night's NFL opener Albany Academy running back Dion Lewis, had only 39 touches in the NFL. You would of never guessed after his New England Patriots 28- 21 victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Lewis had an immediate impact as a runner, receiver and blitz-pickup man.

Lewis had 120 total yards in the game , 69 on the ground, and 51 in the air. His only mistake was fumbling the ball on the one yard line, but was saved by tight end Rob Gronkowski. Gronk would end the game with five catches for 94 yards, and three touchdowns.

After all the Deflategate drama, Tom Brady was his usual self with 288 yards and threw for all four touchdowns. During the fourth quarter chants of "Where is Roger?" roared through Gillette Stadium, clowning Commissioner Roger Goodell over "Deflategate." Goodell decided not to attend the game.