Maybe it just took a trip to Minnesota to wake up the sleepy bats of the Bronx Bombers. Analytics haters cover your ears... the percentages are starting to play out for the Yankee hitters. Is DJ LeMahieu a .249 hitter? I don’t care what they are putting on the baseballs, DJ will be closer to .300 than .250 by the time September comes around. Giancarlo Stanton is destroying baseballs...when he is healthy enough to be in the lineup. Aaron Judge has been the most consistent hitter on the team. Gio Urshela is doing everything that you would want out of Gio Urshela. So, what’s the problem?

Well, Gary Sanchez continues to be an enigma. He shows flashes of such greatness followed by “what was that???” Remember when Clint Frazier took Brett Gardner’s job? Now he’s been bumped to right field by fellow young star that fans are waiting to blossom, Miguel Andujar. Frazier is currently batting the Northway (.187, I-87 for those unfamiliar with the interstate reference). Andujar is actually starting to hit and should be fine, if the Yankees can find a position for him. Sanchez and Frazier continue to be frustrating question marks.

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With the Yankee hitters beginning to show some life in Minnesota, GM Brian Cashman has to have an eye focusing on his stretch run pitching plans. Should New York make a trade? Right now Gerritt Cole, Domingo German, Jordan Montgomery are a solid 3 to start with.

Will 3 get the Yankees to the playoffs? Jameson Taillon has yet to prove he can be counted on. Corey Kluber has been more than you could have dreamed of, when he can get on the mound. He is not expected back until mid July at best.

There is help on the way. Luis Severino is expected back this summer. Luke Voit begins a rehab assignment this weekend and the hole at first base will begin to look smaller and smaller by the day.

Now the Yankees just need to score runs the way tha Brian Cashman dreamt it.

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