What the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger did this month has had a direct affect on the Giants and Eli Manning.

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New York believes that Manning's camp is going to be asking for more than that as the veteran quarterback is headed into the final year of his contract.

Right now, the Giants don't feel forced to make a decision. Are they? Not if they don't want to spend a lot more money this off-season.

As is, Manning is going to cost $19.75 million against the cap. That's high, but the Giants are projected to have room to do any other move that they feel is necessary, unless they find a big name to bring in who needs big money.

If Manning finishes the 2015 season without a contract, the Giants could franchise tag Manning, at worse case scenario.

Manning had a career year last season, one in which he was asked change his philosophy, technique and offense. He's done everything the Giants have wanted him to do.

Now would be the time to ask for the big money as the team's franchise quarterback. It just doesn't look like the Giants will bit until they absolutely have to. And that won't be by this fall.

five-year, $99 million deal last week.

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