Depending how you want to look at it, you could say that Yankees' manager Aaron Boone is now undefeated against ESPN. The rookie manager and former ESPN employee made his displeasure with ESPN's decision to make the Yankees vs Blue Jays Sunday match up the 8:05 pm featured game. The issue was the Yankees have a Double Header against the Orioles the following day. At first it looked like the Yankees and ESPN would continue to be at odds but now the scheduling issue has been resolved.

Boone and the Yankees threatened to Boycott ESPN if they didn't put the game back to it's original 1:05 start. That won't be necessary as cooler heads have prevailed and ESPN has given Boone what he requested. I don't feel like this is a winner loser situation but more of a common sense prevailing situation. The Yankees will be on plenty of Sunday late games where they won't play three games in 24 hours so this just makes sense. Good job by Boone for standing up for his team and good job ESPN for doing the right thing. The Angels will now host the Dodgers on Sunday night.

According to the New York Daily News Aaron Boone said:

"That's obviously really good news we got today," the Yankee skipper told reporters before the Bombers played in Toronto Tuesday. "I'm excited to hear that. I think a lot of people behind the scenes (worked on the matter). I think the commissioner was very involved. I'm just really grateful to him and to ESPN and to the Yankees and all the people involved that I think clearly ended up doing the right thing here in considering the product and player safety and all those kinds of things."

"We want to thank Commissioner Manfred," Yankees president Randy Levine told the Daily News Tuesday. "He did a great resolving the issue."

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