For the most part, Fenway Park is an outdated, overrated rust factory that reeks of urine, stale beer, and staler vomit.

In my opinion.

For "Frozen Fenway," Boston's now yearly outdoor winter festival, though, the park will play host to something pretty damn cool.  In addition to several public skating events and high school and college hockey games played on an outdoor rink, a sledding and tubing hill will be constructed in center field - the only part of Fenway large enough to comfortably hold a standard-sized human being.

Called the "Monster Sled," the the hill will stand 20-feet high and 75-feet long, giving those willing to pay $20 the unique opportunity to waft in the tainted air in an entirely new, winter fun-themed fashion.

Would it be cooler if they actually built the "Monster Sled" off "The Monster?"  Yeah.  In fact, would that be exponentially better?  Yeah.  Am I now wondering why they wouldn't just do that in the first place?  Absolutely.  But either way, you have to admit it's a great idea.

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