It was bound to happen and on Friday night, Alex Rodriguez hit a line drive over the green monster at Fenway Park for No. 660 to tie Willie Mays for fourth all-time on the home run list.

The Yankees are currently fighting the clause in Rodriguez's contract that would have the pinstripes pay him $6 million for every milestone.

Buster Olney told Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team this week about how those around A-Rod would react whenever he hit No. 661, to pay Mays, which could now possibly happen this weekend:

"Alex is a guy who is liked in that clubhouse and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a few of the players kind of put on a show. In terms of the organization, it’s exactly where it stood before where this was going to be contested," said Olney.

"Where the Yankees aren’t going to pay him the money, it’s going to go to an arbitrator. As I’ve said before, I think the story is overblown because I don’t think this will have an impact on the relationship of Alex and the organization, which is not good and is not going to get better. This is just something that the representatives of Alex and the lawyers of the Yankees are going to be working on behind the scenes."

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