The New York Yankees likely made it home on-time last night. Their jerseys, gloves, bats and hats, however, might have been a little late.

The reason why? Well, you'd have to see it to believe it.

Call it adding insult to injury, call it whatever you want. There was no way things could get worse than what happened *in* Fenway Park over the weekend for the Yankees, and the world decided to prove me, and everyone else, wrong. As the picture shows, New York's equipment truck got caught at the top of the garage door it was parked behind. For me, this picture tells one of two stories. Either someone forgot to raise the door the rest of the way, or someone underestimated how big the truck was. No matter which story is true, the truck got *into* Fenway at some point this weekend, so there was a way to get it *out* of Fenway safely.

How funny is that?

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Aside from the truck, Yankees fans have certainly seen better results from previous trips to Fenway. The Yankees were outscored 18-7 over the three-game series. Not only that, all three of the Yankees' starting pitchers who threw in this series picked up losses.

An interesting stat was shared on yesterday's broadcast. The last year the Yankees dropped the first six games of a season series against the Red Sox was in 2009. In case that year doesn't set off the alarm bells in your mind automatically, allow me to refresh your memory. Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, Hideki Matsui, Mariano Rivera and the rest of the veteran Yankees' roster won 103 games, and beat the Philadelphia Phillies in six games to win their 27th World Series title.

The point of this anecdote? Don't sweat a slow start against the Red Sox. Get your equipment truck fixed first.

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