I’m always on the look out for some cool gear, something that could be useful in a pinch or just looks plane cool. Here are a few items that I recommend for the cool camper.

Para-Cord Bracelet: I literally just purchased this thing while I was researching for the article. The thing is crazy cool looking as well as a functional survival tool. Para-cord is a super strong nylon rope used in parachutes. The stuff can support the weight of 2 grown men and be used to fix your hiking boot. This stuff is more useful then dating a gymnast.

Not as hot though

It compacts 1 foot of rope per square inch of bracelet, and if you use it you can buy para-cord on line and make another one using your existing bracket. The rope its self is cheap (1000 feet for 30 bucks cheap) and it allows you to look cool and survive in the wild bush.

Wind-up Radio and MP3 Player Dock: this thing is super cool. With a wind of the handle you can turn an fm radio and get “Soundoff with Sinkoff” in the deep dark Woods.  What, you say you can’t get the station? O that’s ok, download the Radio Pup app for your smart phone, and listen like this.


Now you can here my witty fart jokes no matter wear you are out in great Adirondack State Park.

Glow in the Dark Horse Shoes: One problem with camping is that the fun slows down when the sun goes down (drinking goes up). It doesn’t have to be this way, when you own a light up led horse shoe kit. Now you can have fun till you fall down (From excitement or beer, either way it’s time to stop)

This game can be played by one and all, and now all night long (that’s what she said). I think this is the best invention sense the singing mounted fish “take me to the river”. I want one of these like Billy Baldwin wants to be Alec.

Head Lamp Hat – Yup…..YUP! Yah this thing helps you look cool and have a well lit path in front of you. Everyone here owns a headlamp, but we all hate how it makes us look like we are panning for gold or getting a bad case of black lung.

This hat allows you to look like a casual camper while still being functional, like a fan of the band Phish who isn’t a stoner. I just order these for me and all my friends ( if you’re my friend and are reading this don’t hold your breath) we will be the coolest group of kids around the camp fire this year.

Ok second coolest

If you have any recommendations on cool gear for camping email them to alanfish@1045theteam.com