Cue up the 3 stooges music. This latest round of QB shuffling is Moe, Larry, Curly and  Shemp all combined. You talk about false hope, football fans in Arizona and Oakland and Dallas and Buffalo are fooling themselves if they think anything has changed except the furniture.

Ok let's see the Raiders gave up 2 draft picks to acquire Matt Flynn. The same Matt Flynn who is still living off 1 meaningless game he excelled in for Green Bay. For his 1 game effort the Sea hawks made him rich. For doing nothing he helped the Sea hawks get richer with draft picks. Flynn will probably go down as the latest disaster at QB for the Raiders. See Shroeder, Campbell, Russell, and many others. Last on that list of QB ineptitude is Palmer. Carson Palmer.

Thanks to their own lameness the Cardinals are on the verge of acquiring the Raiders mess. Oh Palmer fans and some stat geeks will point to the 4,000 yards he threw for  last year. Yeah because his early picks led to a big deficit most of the time which leads to throwing in an attempt to get back in the game that Palmer took them out of originally. It has been 7 years since Palmer has done anything. He has 0 playoff wins. That's right ZERO. That's won't be changing anytime soon. Palmer refused to redo his contract to help Oakland's cap situation. The Raiders got lucky finding someone they can pawn off Palmer too. I would rather have Carson Daly. But wait my friends the funny is just starting.

Castoff by the Cardinals, Kevin Kolb found a sucker called the Buffalo Bills. They are trying to get the egg off their face with the huge deal to Ryan Fitzpatrick still fresh. After putting signature to contract, Fitzpatrick suddenly forgot he was Ivy league material ( Went to Harvard) and instead played like a high school dropout. Lousy would be insulted attached to Fitzy's name. Somehow though he managed to get a deal from the Tennessee Titans. At least they hope he only has to be a backup to Jake Locker, no Y.A. Tittle himself. The Bills gave Kolb a 2 year deal for 13 million plus. Yes PLUS. It should have been minus as in he pays me to be on the roster.

But we have more. Somehow Colt Mccoy wound up with the Super Bowl runner ups. the 49ers. Yikes!!!! Me thinks "genius" Jim Harbaugh will be begging Alex Smith to come back from Kansas City.

Then there is the Dallas Cowboys. In Jerry Jones infinite wisdom he sought to give 1 playoff win Tony Romo up to 108 million fat one's! Now Romo will never see that cash nor should he ( he is guaranteed 55 million). I won't say Romo is as bad as ALL the previous imitators mentioned before, however  he is another fantasy/stat stuffer  who is not good. Ask JPP about Romo's gifts and funny they always seem to come in critical moments. Tony Lame-o is 1-6 in win or go home games. Guess what he spends a lot of time at home.

What we see here ladies and gents is  much about nothing, except these guys, save for Mccoy and Fitzpatrick are all starters. Add up all these fella's playoff wins-ADD them and you still come up 3 shy of Mark Sanchez's 4. And they say Rex Ryan is clueless. Hmmm.....