ESPN New York Giants Insider Jordan Ranaan probably thought he'd be focused on the Big Blue beat down of the Philadelphia Eagles today when he woke up. It turns out that isn't the only and maybe not the biggest story revolving around the Giants' organization today. The story of now-former Giants defensive back DeAndre Baker continues to evolve and now his life is far more likely to be featured in a "True Crime" podcast than Sports Illustrated.

So here's the best I can do in explaining what has happened...or should I say allegedly happened with DeAndre Baker. Back in mid May Baker and Seattle Seahawks' defensive back Quinton Dunbar allegedly held up a card or dice game where they felt like they had been scammed. There were various version of armed charges over the course of the next few months. Ultimately charges against Dunbar were dropped and the "victims" turned out to be unreliable. This morning a 50 year old South Florida attorney was arrested for attempting to extort Baker.

William Dean, 50, was looking for Baker to pay more than $266,000 to each of his clients, who in turn would do "anything you want, so long as the money is right."

"The result is the correct result in dismissing DeAndre's case," Baker's attorney Bradford Cohen said. "We have been saying he was a victim of an extortion from day one."

This is crazy but DeAndre Baker is now a free man and a Free Agent! Ranaan doesn't feel like Baker will make an NFL roster in 2020 but it remains a possibility. Listen to Jordan Ranaan's full interview below.


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