Fayetteville, Arkansas police department released a video this week showing their arrest of Oklahoma quarterback and NFL prospect Baker Mayfield. Mayfield was arrested on February 25th and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and fleeing, as well as public intoxication. All misdemeanors.

In the video, Mayfield is seen near another individual filing a police report. Being uncooperative, Mayfield decides to make a run for it, but was talked into a concrete wall by an officer.

Watch the video HERE:

In an extended version of the police video an officer found out that he had tackled Mayfield and responded with, "He's not very fast."

What's worse: Getting arrested for public intoxication or being run down and tackled by a police officer when you're supposed to be an athlete? Scouts like to review game-tape, but this video right here proves that Mayfield is un-draftable without the breakaway speed and cutting ability needed to escape police.

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