It's an interesting way to get a job interview but it worked for 33-year old Chris Cooley, who will be trying out for the Giants on Tuesday:

That's the tweet that Cooley sent out before last Thursday's 32-21 New York victory over Washington. Cooley currently works for the ESPN Radio station in DC.

"We know [that the Giants like him] enough that they’re bringing him in for a workout," said ESPN's Adam Schefter, to 'Armen and Levack'. "They could certainly use him at the position. They’ve always been looking for help; the fact that they've called."

The Giants use two tight end sets and currently the third guy on their depth chart, Jerome Cunningham, is out with an injury.

But how good can Cooley be? Originally drafted by the Redskins in 2004, he hasn't played a regular season game since 2012 and has had multiple season-ending injuries.

"They’re the second team to bring him in, the Arizona Cardinals did the same thing earlier in the year so you never know how these things work out."

Larry Donnell had several drops last Thursday night for the Giants, could this be the G-Men sending a message to Donnell of his eventual demise?

"That’s a long way away from happening. Teams are always looking for depth. Let’s not get carried away right now."

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