The 2016 Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot officially came out yesterday and there are several good names on the list, including many for the first time.

Ken Griffey Jr. is a lock. Like, he could almost challenge the "no player has ever been unanimously selected on the first ballot."

The Yankees and Mets have multiple former players on the ballot, but no players that will have any chance of going in as a Yankee or a Met. We did the Mets earlier, now, it's the Yanks turn.

Former Yankees:

1. Tim Raines: Fifth all-time on the all-time stolen base list, Raines spent three years in New York at the end of his career (1996-1998). He had 808 stolen bases and had 2,605 career hits. It's his ninth year on the ballot.

2. Roger Clemens: One of the best pitchers of all-time, Clemens had 354 career wins. If not for his association with steroids, he'd already be in.

3. Mike Mussina: More famous for his time with the Orioles, "Moose" actually spent eight years with the Yankees. He had 270 career wins.

4. Gary Sheffield: He's got 509 career home runs. He spent three years with the Yankees in his 22-year career.

5. Randy Winn: He spent part of one season (2010) in New York, playing just 29 games.


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