Super Bowl 48 tickets sold for an average price of about $2,500, making it nearly impossible for the average middle-class working citizen to attend the biggest game of the year -- unless you started working on it back in 2011.

"This is a lifelong dream on the bucket list for my friends," said a fan wearing a Chicago Bears jersey. "Three years ago we were watching the Super Bowl and I told them if we saved up $20 a week for the next three years we could drive to the Super Bowl.

"You’re witnessing the fruition of a lifelong dream for my friends and a plan that we came up with to save money to go to the Super Bowl.

All four friends were wearing the jersey of a different NFL team and in the end, the buddies from Springfield, Massachusetts got to experience the largest stage the NFL has to offer.

"It actually worked out for us. We anticipated the tickets would be three grand but we ended up getting them for less than that so now we have spending money!"

Lucky for them, none of them were Broncos fans either.

AUDIO: Armen talks to the group of friends

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