When Andrew Platek left Guilderland High School after his junior season for prep school, he was a knock down shooter. A 'box and 1' defense wasn't enough to contain him, but there were nights he struggled against double and triple teams. Who wouldn't? That question could have served as an excuse for Platek. Instead, it served as motivation.

From Guilderland, Platek attended Northfield Mount Hermon in Massachusetts and it was there that he developed a more all-around game offensively, but perhaps more importantly, a lockdown defensive attitude and ability. Did playing a prep school bring more attention to Platek? I'm sure it did. But he would have drawn that attention at Guilderland and through the AAU circuit as well. What happened at prep school that Platek may not have been able to get anywhere else, was a sophisticated focus on how to improve his game.

As a freshman at North Carolina, there was no redshirt, Platek played solid minutes off the bench for the defending national champs. He's that same knock down shooter, but it's the versatility and willingness to give the effort required on defense that often gets his name called by Roy Williams.

Check out the interview with Andrew Platek from Big Board Sports on Friday morning:

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