It's Saturday night and as I sit at my desk at NewsChannel 13, I'm feeling the effects of staying up until 3:30am to watch Game 3 of the World Series. And yet, I would do it all over again given the chance tonight as Game 4 plays out.

18 innings, 7 hours and 20 minutes. The beauty of baseball is that there is no clock. No digits counting down the time until the game is over. Would I like to see less time in between pitches, in between innings? Sure. Would I ever search for a "solution" to historically-long games driven by extra innings drama? Never.

Implementing something like the International Rule (placing a runner at second base to start an inning) would deprive us of these sleep-deprived nights. What fun is that? We remember the marathons, the moments of clutch and the walk-offs. I remember the Braves playing 18 innings against the Astros in the 2005 NLDS. I will always remember Max Muncy for his home run Friday night in the bottom of the 18th inning.

Let's embrace what makes baseball different because it's also what makes baseball great.

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