The Giants are looking for their first win of the season on Thursday night against the Redskins, offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz knows what it won't be easy.

"They have a great defense," said Schwartz, on 104.5 The Team. "They have some big hoss's up front. They have Jason Hatcher, rush defensive ends and big linebackers on their defense. We’re going to have to match that physicality and that intensity on every play."

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Washington beat the Rams last week, 24-10, for their first win of the season and are 1-1.

Meanwhile, Schwartz hopes to be as healthy as possible as he's been under the weather over the last week or so.

"I have been sick. I am feeling better. I had a little chest deal and a high fever. I played Sunday with the same symptoms I had on Monday. I can play through it, it’s not a big deal. I’ve played through illness before. I’m good to go."

Giants fans are hoping their team as a whole is good to go, and not just in the first quarter. It's been in the last period where New York has dropped a double-digit lead to lose the game during their first two weeks of the season, a first in NFL history.

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