Early Saturday morning, the two best basketball players in Glens Falls history returned to their high school for a roughly 45 minute workout together.

Jimmer Fredette has the collegiate and professional success and Joseph Girard III has an embarrassment of points as New York state's all-time leading scorer. They will forever be discussed side by side by people who live in Glens Falls and anyone who witnessed both of them play. Sure, they have some similarities. Both are considered to be undersized with an immeasurable amount of confidence when it comes to shooting. Both are underrated as ball-handlers and passers. And now, after this summer, both are players with international experience. Jimmer's already had that box checked thanks to his time in Shanghai and now a trip to Italy with Syracuse, Girard does as well.

On Saturday, Fredette took Girard through a brisk, personal workout of his; one he uses during the season to keep his individual skills sharp. From balance to footwork to shooting, Jimmer handed off some maneuvers to the Syracuse freshman to aid him in his matchups with taller, longer opponents at the Division I level. Girard and Syracuse open the 2019-'20 season at home against defending national champion Virginia. Jimmer will head back to Greece after the weekend back home to rejoin his teammates with Panathinaikos.

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