The New York Giants had their worst start to a season since 1976. On Monday, in a season finale press conference, General Manager Jerry Reese pointed the finger at himself, then others.

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"Mid-season, I had this presser and I said that everybody could do their jobs better and I started with myself and I’ll start with myself now," said Reese.

"We have to have better personnel. We have to have better execution by our players. Our quarterback has to play better. We have to have better coaching. We own it, we win together and we lost together."

The Giants have roughly 28 free agents on their roster this off-season and Reese will have a fingerprint on every decision made.

"There is definitely some reconstruction that needs to be done. You’ve seen teams turn it around quickly in this league but we definitely have some personnel issues that we need to resolve as we move into the next season and we’ll work our butts off to resolve those things.

"You know, 7-9 sucks. Yeah, it’s hard to swallow. It sucks being 7-9, we don’t want to be 7-9, we want to continue to play but again, you start out 0-6, you don’t give yourself a chance."

When it comes to laying out the priorities of which part of the Giants needs to be fixed the most, Reese didn't exactly paint with a thin brush.

"Everything, we need some help in a lot of areas. Everything is a priority."

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