For the second consecutive season I’ll be providing my own personal Top 25 poll each week during the college football season.  My poll philosophy all season long has been ranking the teams I believe are the best twenty five best in the country following that given week’s games. Below are my rankings and comments about each week’ biggest shake up and changes. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know below or on Twitter @TomGozz

1) Alabama

2) Clemson

3) Oklahoma

4) USC

5) Penn State

6) Georgia

7) Ohio State

8) Washington

9) TCU

10) Michigan

11) Wisconsin

12) Virginia Tech

13) Oklahoma State

14) Auburn

15) Washington State

16) South Florida

17) Louisville

18) Florida

19) LSU

20) Miami

21) Florida State

22) Notre Dame

23) NC State

24) Mississippi State

25) Iowa


Iowa, Penn State, Florida, Kentucky and the wrong way some national writers rank teams in weekly polls- It baffles me when certain AP voters don't factor in the actual PERFORMANCES of teams on a Saturday. It's very easy to just look at a box score and see if a team wins or loses. Take Penn State, Iowa, Florida and Kentucky for examples. Penn State needed a touchdown as team expired to beat an undefeated Iowa team. Florida trailed for most of the game against a Kentucky team they had not lost to in 30 years! I understand Iowa and Kentucky lost but their effort and performance needs to be factored in when evaluating the best teams in the country. A voter has to approach this situation two ways. Either Penn State is worse than we thought and should be considered to be moved down in the poll OR Iowa is much better than we thought and despite losing should be factored into the poll. How many voters would have voted Iowa into the Top 25 if they had won that game? 90%? But because Penn State makes the play, now Iowa isn't good? You can't have it both ways and many times a lazy voter can be exposed when they don't follow this theory.

Who is the 2nd best team in the ACC?-Find out this weekend- I have six ACC teams ranked in my top 25 which is tied with the SEC for the most from one conference.  have Virginia Tech as my 2nd best ACC team but are they? NC State looked great against Florida State. Miami is much higher in most polls but has yet to prove much. Louisville has the defending Heisman Trophy winner on their team. We will find out more this weekend as Clemson visits Blacksburg to take on the Hokies for College Gameday.


Tom “Goz” Goslowski is a Heisman Trophy and College Football Hall of Fame voter. You can hear him every weekday 2-7pm on Levack and Goz on 1045 The Team.

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