This season I’ll be providing my own personal Top 25 poll each week during the college football season. My poll philosophy is ranking the teams I believe are the best twenty five best in the country following that given week’s games. Below are my rankings and comments about each week’ biggest shake up and changes.

1) Alabama

2) Clemson

3) Michigan

4) Washington

5) Louisville

6) Ohio State

7) Wisconsin

8) Auburn

9) Texas A&M

10) Oklahoma

11) Western Michigan

12) West Virginia

13) Penn State

14) LSU

15) North Carolina

16) Florida State

17) Colorado

18) Washington State

19) Oklahoma State

20) Florida

21) Nebraska

22) Utah

23) South Florida

24)  Baylor

25) Troy

Should Washington be at #4?- The biggest controversy of the college football playoff committee’s first ranking was Texas A&M over Washington. After a loss by the Aggies, it seems like no doubt the Huskies from the Pacific Northwest. I agree with the Huskies at #4…. for now. Two impressive wins by Ohio State including one by Michigan could help them leap Washington. Also in a one on one game my opinion of if Louisville could defeat them continues to defer for him each week.

Did Florida, Nebraska and Baylor drop too far?-  All of these teams were considered top ten teams in the country two weeks ago. Since then Nebraska and Baylor have lost twice while Florida lost to Arkansas 31-10. This seems like the fairest place to put these teams after their most recent results. In fact, I considered swapping USC with Baylor at 24. That could happen next week if the Trojans look in impressive this weekend.

A Week With No Upsets?! -Only Baylor versus Oklahoma is the lone match up between two ranked teams. I don’t see a lot of movement when we check with the poll next week.

Tom “Goz” Goslowski is a Heisman Trophy and College Football Hall of Fame voter. You can hear him every weekday 2-7pm on Levack and Goz on 1045 The Team.