Never before has Saints' Jimmy Graham had a problem with being labeled as a tight end.

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Not while being listed on the All-Pro Team. Not when attending the Pro Bowl. No issue with it when compared to the best tight ends the game has ever seen.

Suddenly when it comes to free agency, Graham wants to be someone else.

The League decided this week that Graham's franchise tag is as a tight end, $7 million. The wide receiver tag, which Graham had requested he be classified as, is for $12 million.

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On Graham's own Twitter profile he refers to himself as a tight end but don't worry about that.

If he files a grievance, which he probably will, then a neutral arbitrator will decide whether or not Graham has a case. If he loses, then he has the option to sit out the 2014 season.

If he wins the case, then he'll get his money and in response I believe that all NFL fans should no longer refer to him as one of the greatest tight ends ever but yet one of the better wide receivers currently in the NFL.

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