Earlier today on Levack and Goz, Guilderland' own Marc Kestecher joined the show from Cleveland in preparation for tonight's Game 3 match up. Kestecher is serving as the play by play voice of the NBA Finals on ESPN Radio this year. How can the Cavaliers pick up their first win of the series tonight? How much can the Cavaliers home court play a factor in tonight's game? Plus how have the final moments of Game 1's loss effected the Cavaliers. Kestecher admits that J.R. Smith was not the only who had a blunder at the end of Game 1. In fact, he admits Smith's play confused him as a broadcaster.

I famously booted the call. Unfortunately I bought in to J.R. Smith grabbing that rebound. And you know I usually call what I see and He looked like a man that had a lead. Trying to get out of dodge and not get fouled and protect the ball whatever. That is on me to I am going to have live with that call the rest of my life.

Kestecher's call is below.

Do you give a Capital Region guy a break botching the call for the end of game 1? To hear the entire interview with Marc Kestecher from Levack and Goz today, click on the link below.

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