Heather Dinnich eats, sleeps and breathes College Football and is one of the top analysts for ESPN. There's a chance we see something we've haven't seen yet in the short history of the College Football Playoffs, ANARCHY!!! CHAOS!!! and a lot of ticked off fans. Basically the Big Ten has had an amazing year and the team that most people want to see in the final four is sitting just outside the party hoping for a last minute Hail Mary invite to the playoffs. The Michigan Wolverines are sitting at five right now hoping for a loss or really unimpressive win from the teams sitting at three and four.

Washington handled their business and won the Pac-12 Championship game 41-10 over Colorado so one would assume they are in but Clemson still needs to put away Virgina Tech to completely block the hopes of the Big Ten getting at least one more team in the top four. Heather Dinnich tells us how likely that is and gives insight to the statement she made about Alabama's strength of schedule earlier in the week.