Since the big man Aaron Judge erupted on the scene this season Yankees fans and baseball fans have been trying to decide just exactly what he is. Is he a flash in the pan that the game will catch up to one day or is he "the next Great Yankee?"

I have to be open and honest here to start this discussion, I was late to the Derek Jeter party. I grew up loving the long ball and really being amazed by the "Bronx Bombers." I loved power hitters. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and what seems million other Yankee legend that hit for power and were lager than life. Then here comes this guy that had some power, had some speed and didn't seem to care about being a star. All Jeter cared about was winning. That workmanship attitude and ability to never let his own life be a distraction couple with the ability to rise to any occasion won me over. So it's tough to anoint Judge as the next Jeter already but the man is off to a pretty great start!

Here's what guys who know far more than I do had to say about the Derek Jeter Aaron Judge comparison.

Former Yankee Nick Swisher:

How about Jeter and Judge themselves?


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