Well Mr. Several times caught as a steroid cheat Alex Rodriguez has done it again. The man that doesn't know when to shut his pie hole opened it wide, and a ton of lies and foolishness fell out Friday night in Trenton, New Jersey, after he finished up a game with the Yankees double A team.

Incredibly, almost astonishingly, there was the steroid cheat, who also is thick in trouble for lying, for trying to impede the Biogenisis investigation, and rumored to be perhaps sending customers to the Biogenisis lab of Tony Bosch, told an unusually aggressive media that he thinks their "are forces in the game trying to keep me out of the game and off the field."

Wait, if this wasn't enough for you to stomach there was this whopper "I think we all agree that we want to get rid of PED'S (performance enhancing drugs). That's a must. I think all the players, we all feel that way."

I am making none of this up. And he did this with a straight face no less. I guess the saying "tell a lie often enough and you start to believe it" certainly holds true with this bottom feeding, lying, thieving, druggie cheat!

I watched the highlights of the press conference on ESPN and read about it in Saturday's papers and I still can't believe what this habitual cheater is saying. "Forces at work trying to keep you off the field."  Alex? Seriously? So you are the victim here now? Someone made you jab the junk into your buttocks, steal money based on fabricated stats, and habitually lie about your drug use? Really, this is what you want to run with?

Baseball's announcement can't come fast enough to get this stain off the field, for as long as they possibly can, without jeopardizing the case by over reaching and going for a lifetime ban.

Negotiations with all the steroid cheats seem to be winding down and an announcement is coming any day for the players that used Bosch to cheat the game and its fans and its history. Reports say only Rodriguez, known as A-ROID, is not going along with the deals being cut. Of course, because he is going to get 200 games at least, and be spared the lifetime ban that many of us baseball fans would love to see him get slapped with.

It's one thing to be a cheater. It's another thing to be a liar. It's another thing to be a junkie, and yet another to be a thief. A-ROID is all of these things in my opinion. Combine that with the audacity of this steroid taking loser and it just is retching to see him even speak.

I of course can't prove this but I have speculated on the radio program (Game On With Bruce Jacobs) whether this man isn't suffering from some sort of mental issue. I mean I realize that liars lie, and they have to keep lying to cover up the previous lies, but it is more with A-ROID. I truly think the cheater is insane, not in a dangerous way mind you, just insane.

For the record I strongly, strongly believe, with all my heart and soul that steroids are the scourge of sports and ALL FANS should be angry about the use, and angrier that the game was sabotaged by these cheaters in what is in my view as the worst SPORTS scandal of my lifetime. If junking your way to great achievements is not frowned upon by all, then what is the purpose of sports if it isn't authentic and real? What's the point of  watching it, paying for it, talking about it, taking your kids to enjoy it, if it isn't real? Where's my script?

For A-ROID the junkie, lying, cheater to sit there and claim he is the victim, he is being persecuted, oh woe is me, to sit there and push this pile of bilge and pap to a group of reporters, in essence the fans, was just too much for this baseball fan to stomach.

Let's get this over with Bud Selig. I appreciate you being thorough and diligent in the investigation, but it must come to an end before I suffer through watching the WORST steroid cheat in baseball history on my TV again. It has to be a mental issue with this guy, doesn't it?