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Understanding A-Rod
On Sunday night, Major League Baseball took to '60 Minutes' on CBS to further explain themselves in the conclusion of the Alex Rodriguez arbitration hearing. Earlier in the weekend, it was ruled through arbitration that Rodriguez's 211-game suspension would be reduced to 162 games along with any post-season play this year...
Alex Rodriguez’s Lawyer On The Today Show With Matt Lauer [VIDEO]
A-Rod's side and MLB and the Yankees' side continue to swing back and forth in this never-ending saga.  A-Rod's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, appeared on the "Today" show and Matt Lauer told Tacopina that MLB had sent him a letter saying it was willing to waive the confidentiality clause in the Joint Drug Agreement and release information about A-Rod's alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs.
Fenway Fiasco
And again the baseball world was centered around Alex Rodriguez.  And again it was Yankees-Red Sox.  And again it was at Fenway Park.
Doug Glanville Interview
Former big leaguer and current ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Doug Glanville recently joined Mike Lindsley on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.  The two discussed Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis, if Glanville ever used steroids, the Yankees' playoff chances and if the Pirates are a World Series contender...
Was August 5, 2013 A Good Day Or Bad Day For Baseball [POLL]
August 5, 2013 was a day when 12 players were suspended for PED use and their roles in Biogenesis by Major League Baseball and a 13th, Alex Rodriguez, was suspended for 211 games at first but we don't know the grand total until the appeals process takes place, which should end sometime over the coming Winter...
Running In A Blue Dream
There are so many fantasy scenarios going on with the Yankees it isn't even funny.  It's turned into "Dreamland" in the Bronx.  They aren't just playing baseball, and bad baseball at that.  They are giving people around the game the idea that things are getting better or that a scenario is going to play out soon when it has no chance.   Here are some examples.
The Real Deal Update On Alex Rodriguez
A-Rod has been suspended 211 games by Major League Baseball for, according to the official statement released, possessing testosterone and human-growth hormone over multiple years, for attempting to hide his violations and for "a course of conduct intended to obstruct and frustrate the Office of the Commissioner," announced Monday by MLB.
End Of A-Rod?
Everyday the media claims the next day the Biogensis suspensions will be announced. It truly looks like Monday will be the day the game ends and the suspensions are announced. It is expected that up to eight players, and perhaps as many as 12 players will get some sort of suspension, starting at 50 games, and going all the way up to over 200 games (hello, Alex Rodriguez)...
Days Of Our A-Roid
Well Mr. Several times caught as a steroid cheat Alex Rodriguez has done it again. The man that doesn't know when to shut his pie hole opened it wide, and a ton of lies and foolishness fell out Friday night in Trenton, New Jersey, after he finished up a game with the Yankees double A team...
Biogenesis Suspensions Loom
According to Yahoo! Sports, the majority of Major League Baseball players involved in the Biogenesis PED scandal are ready to accept suspensions of at least 50 games.

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