When New York Yankees great Derek Jeter took over as CEO of the Miami Marlins some people thought he was going to wave a magic wand and turn the Marlins back into a championship team overnight. Sadly there were many "business decisions" that came first. Top players and even former players serving as executives were let go to make the team more profitable. So why would Jeter bring in fellow "Core Four" member Jorge Posada? I think there's a plan in place to make him the manager of the team and Time Reynolds of the Associated Press seems to agree.

If Posada is indeed in line to be the next manager of the Marlins that means another Former Yankee great is on his way out. Don Mattingly has managed the Marlins since 2016. IT seems like Yankee on Yankee violence for one former Captain to fire another former Captain but obviously Jeter and Posada have a greater history and maybe Jeter just feels it's time for a "new voice" to lead the club.

Listen to AP's Tim Reynolds from today's show about Jeter, Dwayne Wade, Siena hoops and even Celebrity Big Brother below.

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