Before you dismiss this as just the crazy ramblings of a Tim Tebow fan hear me out! The Dallas Cowboy's season is over. They may still have a mathamtic chance of winning the terrible NFC East but in reality they haven't won a game without Tony Romo in FIVE YEARS!!! Brandon Weedon, Matt Cassel and Kyle Orton couldn't get in done so why would you think they can win now without him?

It's almost like you need the help of a higher power to get the job Romo. Cue the golden boy, Tim Tebow! Even if Tebow doesn't win a single game for the Boys Tebow-Mania will sell tickets and what Jerry Jones do better than anybody? Sell the sizzle and do whatever he wants.

Whether you love or hate Tebow everyone has an opinion on him. The QB of the future isn't in Dallas and we all know when Romo is healthy it's his team so why not embrace the spectacle that in TEBOW-MANIA?!

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