Get that weak stuff outta here!  Not only did JaVale McGee of the Washington Wizards complete reject the Blazers' Wesley Matthews, he was able to maintain possession.  This great block got me thinking. 

Would you rather block the shot of an elite dunker, or dunk on an elite shot-blocker?  Personally, I'd rather dunk on an elite shot-blocker.  There is a reason you've heard the term "posterized."  It applies to elite dunk artists, who have been captured on posters dunking on their opponents.

I haven't seen a ton of posters featuring elite players getting their dunk attempts rejected.  Plus, if you posterize an opponent by dunking on them, there is a good chance that you will also be fouled.  Scoring two points with a chance to hit a free throw is more productive than simply preventing two points by blocking a shot.

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