It's been a recurring theme for BYU this season.  Jimmer Fredette scores a bunch of points, and the Cougars win another game.  Is Fredette the best player in college hoops right now?Jimmer Fredette went off for 42 points in a 94-85 win against Colorado State on Saturday night.  Fredette has scored at least 20 points in every game this season.  It was Fredette's fourth career 40-point game.

There is no question that Jimmer Fredette is one of the best players in college hoops.  But, is he thee best?


UCONN's Kemba Walker has had a very impressive season thusfar.  He's hit game-winning shots against Texas and Villanova.  He's averaging 25 points a game in a very tough conference.

Kemba Walker has simply played against tougher competition.  You have to take that into account.  Walker has been impressive against opponents that are better than Fredette's opponents.  That matters.  That's why, as of right now, Kemba Walker is college basketball's Player of the Year.

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