Jorge Posada has been a career Yankee, but now at 40 years old it's clear that his time with the organization has come to an end.  Posada isn't quite ready to hang it up, but says that being back with the Yankees won't happen.


For 16 years Jorge Posada has put on a Yankee uniform.  It seems like those days are now over.  At the end of the 2011 season Posada was very emotional and it was unclear if he would be back in pin stripes next season.  Now it seems as though, he will not and even he knows that.  ESPN caught up with Posada at a Manhattan charity function and the 40 year old had this to say:

It's not gonna happen. I don't think there is even a percentage of a chance that I can come back.

Posada added that he will always be a Yankee and that the organization is like a second family to him.  He also says that he isn't bitter about the decision and he understands that it's just business.  Posada said that several teams have reached out to him and he hopes to make up his mind about retirement by early 2012 so it will give him ample time to get ready for spring training.

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