Watch Jose Iglesias in the top of the 6th with one out, throw out Brett Gardner of the Yankees.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Not only should we commend the Tigers shortstop on the throw, but he happen to get out the fastest Yankee of them all as well - Gardner has wheels.

The Tigers are now 11-2 on the season after a 2-1 win against the pinstripes on Monday night and it's easy to see why they're so good. While the talk is all about their top offensive numbers in the heart of their order, even on nights when they're not swinging the bat well, they could defensive stops like the one here by Iglesias.

Falling to his right and barely throwing the ball across his body is pretty dang impressive.

"Stop it, Jose," said the commentator. "He is worth the price of admission to watch him play defense. Look how quickly he gets this ball out of his glove, on his way to first base and throwing it off balance and throwing it quickly."

Let's give the Tigers credit for this one. But for the Yankees sake, let's hope this trend doesn't continue.

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