Kate Upton's breathtaking commercial got me thinking about the best sports commercial of all-time.  Click here to watch both.

By the way, before I start this blog I have to mention something.  What's up with the creepy guy in the Patriots' sweatshirt?  He's got his sleeves rolled up (which is a weird sign in this specific situation).  He's also got a camera in one hand and a magazine in the other eagerly awaiting an autograph.  These hotties must get creeped out all of the time during autograph signings like this because of the wackos they encounter on a regular basis.  Okay, on with the blog.

For some strange reason, after watching this commercial I suddenly want a SoBe.  Kate Upton, who coincidentally was a guest on Sound-off with Sinkoff to promote our NCDD tournament, is absolutely lovely.

After watching this commercial, I started thinking about the best sports commercial of all-time.  This Michael Jordan commercial has it all.  It's entertaining, compelling, poignant, and summarizes exactly what Michael Jordan was all about as a player.  He was a relentless competitor who wasn't afraid to fail.