You can file this under “didn’t see this one coming.”  Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett stays in shape mentally and physically by doing Yoga.

Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett doesn’t exactly seem like a guy that would do Yoga.  KG is definitely rough around the edges on the basketball court.  He’s also one of the most intense competitors the NBA has ever seen.  He doesn’t come across as a guy who would hold a pose to strengthen his core while stabilizing his emotional side at the same time.

When KG talks about “centering himself” and “using the energy properly,” I immediately wonder what Red Auerbach would think of all of this.  I’m not calling KG soft, but Yoga is absolutely a new-school approach to hoops.

It doesn’t change my opinion of Garnett though; he’s still one of my favorite players in the league because he leaves everything on the court.  I really don’t care what he does to prepare off of the court as long as he’s leaving everything he’s got on the floor.  That’s all KG has ever done.

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