New York Knicks' 2018 first round draft pick Kevin Knox is super exciting and fun to watch. In the Summer league game against the Atlanta Hawks, he was a dunking machine scoring 22 points and drawing four fouls on opposing players. The kid jumps out of the gym and has no fear when it comes to contact. I'm fully aware that this is the NBA Summer and there will be a serious step up when the regular NBA pre-season begins not to mention the regular season but Knox adds an excitement on the court the Knicks have been missing.

Look at the "ups" on this kid. NBA Executives have reportedly been very impressed with Knox so far and he seems to make the other players on the floor look better too. Frank Ntilikina looks better when he shares the floor with Knox. It's still very early but it's clear to me if nothing else Knox makes NBA Summer League hoops worth watching for me.

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