It's been six days, but Robert Kraft hasn't cooled down in his first interview that he's done since the DeflateGate punishment, that was released Monday morning. 

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Peter King talked exclusively to Kraft in his Monday Morning Quarterback feature in which the Patriots owner declined to see the similarities between DeflateGate and SpyGate.

"This is very different," Kraft told King. "In 2007, we did something and acknowledged the fact of what was done. This is an accusation of wrongdoing, without proof.”

While it's been debated as to what the next move for Kraft would be, he did not rule out anything.

“I just get really worked up. To receive the harshest penalty in league history is just not fair. The anger and frustration with this process, to me, it wasn’t fair. If we’re giving all the power to the NFL and the office of the commissioner, this is something that can happen to all 32 teams.

"We need to have fair and balanced investigating and reporting. But in this report, every inference went against us, . . . inferences from ambiguous, circumstantial evidence all went against us. That’s the thing that really bothers me.

“If they want to penalize us because there’s an aroma around this? That’s what this feels like. If you don’t have the so-called smoking gun, it really is frustrating. And they don’t have it. This thing never should have risen to this level.”

Kraft also said that he spoke to Tom Brady before the Patriots made their initial stand:

"If you did it, let’s just deal with it and take our hit and move on."

Brady told Kraft he did not do it and neither have wavered since.

Get ready. It's a new week with more opportunity for a different story on DeflateGate at every turn.

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