It wasn't exactly a performance for the ages in Game 4 of the NBA Finals for LeBron James.  He deserves plenty of criticism, but the series isn't over yet.

LeBron James only scored eight points against the Dallas Mavericks.  He only shot 3-for-11 from the field.  LeBron James had the lowest point total of his 90-game playoff career in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

A superstar like LeBron James simply cannot score only eight points in an NBA Finals game.  LeBron was passive to a fault.  He turned the ball over at critical times.  He didn't score a single point in the 4th quarter.

It was a very regrettable performance by LeBron James.  Now, with all of this being said, the series isn't over yet.  LeBron has enough talent to make us forget about this performance if he steps up in the rest of the NBA Finals.  He better step up.  When it comes to LeBron, we have long memories.